Jason Gilliam,

Jason Gilliam, LMSW, received his Bachelor of Art’s with a Major in Social Work from Michigan State University and his Master’s in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University where his focus was on mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Over 13 years of clinical experience working with children and adults in a community mental health and correctional setting. Areas of clinical specialty include borderline personality disorder, depression, bi-polar disorder, co-occurring disorders and trauma. 

Jason has had extensive training in DBT including attending both the 2 day DBT training and the 5 day comprehensive DBT training.  Jason continues to attend DBT related trainings in order to expand his knowledge base and offer the most comprehensive therapeutic experience.   
Jason understands that it is not easy to come to therapy and that it can be a difficult step in any person’s life.  He recognizes and embraces the courageous steps that need to be taken to walk through the front door and partners with his client’s to help them accomplish their goals.